Solar energy portal launched to unlock Nigeria’s industrious potential

The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), a private sector group, is set to launch ‘Solar works, Save money’, a new information portal that will link stakeholders in the solar energy value chain.

According to a statement by Lande Abudu, executive secretary at REAN, the portal is a Nigerian-German initiative that was developed in partnership with Ideas into Energy, a non-profit organisation.

It was developed to facilitate the development of a market dynamic that will bring competitive solar energy to medium sized power users in order to “unlock Nigeria’s great industrious potential”.

The group said most Nigerians are still skeptical about the use of solar energy and are unaware that it is a cheaper source of power compared to diesel or petrol generators.

The website it said would educate energy consumers on the “silent revolution” that is taking place in the solar industry and point potential investors to reputable suppliers and opportunities in the sector.

“In Nigeria, the attitude towards solar power is still mitigated today as it is often heard that “Solar doesn’t work” because some initial projects may have under performed in the past,” the statement read.

“The newest website from the Nigerian-German initiative on solar know how & technology transfer is a market place where private and institutional customers interested in solar power can meet qualified solar suppliers who showcase their work in Nigeria with reference projects.


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